Whoever you marry, that's your life.

Whoever you marry, that's your life.

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some people say: "Marriage is a woman's second life, nourished by love in marriage, and a completely different life from a woman consumed in marriage."

A good marriage can make you a child, but a bad marriage can make you crazy.

whoever you marry is your destiny.



how is your marriage

Big S in the photo, just like a young girl, has a ruddy complexion and is in excellent condition. At first glance, it is the happy appearance of being taken care of and spoiled.

is also called "little girl" by Wang Xiaofei, which makes people feel that a woman's face actually hides the truth of marriage.

most of the women with delicate faces and quiet and gentle temperament are favored by men.

if the husband is willing to take the initiative to share the housework, understand his wife's hard work, assume family responsibilities, and give her enough doting and sense of security, the wife will naturally look young and beautiful and ruddy.

on the contrary, the husband is idle all day long, even blaming the wife, quarreling from time to time, and the wife is always in a state of sulking and anxiety, which is naturally bitter, and her face will grow old.

comes from the heart. Whether a woman is doing well or not can be seen in her face.

once in the Happiness Trio, Big S's "Shrimp peeling Theory" also caused controversy.

she says she doesn't like peeling shrimp, so a man must peel it for you to eat shrimp. So after marrying her husband, he won't eat if he doesn't help peel himself. If he helps peel himself, he will eat.

this remark has been commented by many netizens as "acting", "hypocritical" and "princess illness".

and then Wang Xiaofei immediately posted Weibo to protect his wife, saying that her husband was willing to peel shrimp for her.

it is true that only when a woman marries the right person can she have the freedom to act coquettish.


marry the wrong person

you are a hard worker

A few days ago, a popular search in lace pajamas in her thirties was ridiculed by her husband as a pig, causing a heated discussion among netizens, with more than 4 million views and nearly 200000 likes.

it turned out that a woman bought a pair of lace pajamas on a treasure to surprise her husband.

was laughed at by her husband: "over 30 years old, 120 jin, like a pig, it looks ugly."

It's high time you added some two piece homecoming dresses factor to your wardrobe. There is no collection like ours.

she also wrote in her evaluation that she had been doing housework for many years after marriage, resulting in rough fingers and lace hook.

how ironic!

Women are usually busy doing housework and taking care of their families. They seldom want to buy a dress to make them happy. They also want their husbands to see the bright side of themselves, but they get ridicule and disdain from their husbands.

it is really sad to recall the sweetness of the feelings of the past and compare the indifference of the present.

the yearning for beauty is suddenly broken by my lover, as if I have to spend my whole life doing housework and becoming aged woman.

cousin Xiaoting's husband is very stingy with her.

after five years of marriage, Xiao Ting has never bought clothes worth more than 200 yuan, and her husband will ask her to buy them at a discount at the end of the season.

Xiaoting also became more and more grumpy in this marriage, like a hedgehog. Their marriage is also in jeopardy.

A man who does not know how to love his wife and does not see his wife's efforts, but has been asking her with his own abnormal standards will only make his wife full of hostility.

and behind every grumpy wife, there is a vacant husband.


marry the right person

you are the princess

friend Xiao Li is a career man outside and a leading figure of the company. when he gets home, he "listens" to his wife.

he always shows his gentle side to the one he loves most.

he will personally cook and make soup for his wife, take the initiative to be soft on his wife during a quarrel, and amuse her with his own humorous way.

on his way home from work, he didn't forget to buy his wife her favorite fruit. I will also travel with my wife and children during the holidays.

the friends around me all say that Xiao Li's wife is very blessed. She has never been bullied at a glance, and sometimes she is regarded as the sister of a child when she goes out, really spoiling her wife as a child.

if you marry the right person, you are the princess.

he will give you love and accommodation, preference and understanding.

it won't make you worry too much, nor will it make you sad and angry.

will also give you a "sense of ritual" from time to time and inject antistaling agent into your relationship.

recently, Jiang Qinqin posted the poems written to her by Chen Jianbin.

Jiang Qinqin found a book of poems in his suitcase before taking part in the program "wife's Romantic Journey".

for example, the poem "Untitled" ends with her name:

"the rain and cold stars pass over Bashan at night, and the autumn pond is full of grass. On the way, I feel that my hometown is far away, and the light boat is as diligent as an arrow oar. "

and the moving 15th wedding anniversary poem:

"if people don't love each other, they will turn to stone;

before language was invented, I would say I love you;

before time was invented, I knew it was ten thousand years."

being so romantic, no wonder Jiang Qinqin said, "that's how I got into it."

there is a detail in the Happiness Trio. Chen Jianbin crouched in front of Jiang Qinqin's belly and recited Tagore's poems to her.Listen to the baby in your belly from time to time.

Jiang Qinqin's shoelace came loose, and he squatted down to help her tie it. Before going to bed at night, he would also accompany the pregnant Jiang Qinqin to massage and pinch her legs.

he also publicly thanked his wife without taboo. When winning the award, he once said: "what I am most happy is that I can come here with my wife, she is the greatest wife."

although marriage is firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea, love also needs someone to write poems and distance with you.

many girls have a princess dream. Marry the wrong person, he will personally kill your princess dream, force you into a babysitter, let you live in resentment all day, become your most annoying appearance.

and marry the right person, he will personally weave your princess dream, spoil you into a child, love you, love you and take care of you all his life.

so be sure to keep your eyes open before getting married.

your true love is worth choosing. I would rather get married later than make do with it easily. I would rather stop the loss in time than exhaust my youth.

it's really different who you marry. Marry the right person and live a happy life. Marry the wrong person and regret it for the rest of your life.