Why does the wife like to be angry? The difficult problem of this century has finally been solved!

Why does the wife like to be angry? The difficult problem of this century has finally been solved!

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two days ago, my cousin sent me a long Wechat voice message, which began with:

it's not really a big contradiction.

after dinner that day, my sister-in-law wanted to take her baby to take a bath first, so she told her cousin to wash the dishes.

as a result, after she bathed her baby, she found that although the dishes were washed, the table was not cleaned, the pot on the stove was not brushed, and her cousin was playing with her cell phone.

so she threw the baby directly to her cousin, went back to the bedroom and locked the door without saying a word and wouldn't let her cousin in.

finally, my cousin kept asking me:

"Why is she always angry when she asked me to do the dishes?"

listening to his eager tone, I was really angry and couldn't help laughing.

Why can't he see the obvious reason?

really answer that sentence:

"80% of men can't find the reason why women are angry, and the remaining 20% can't even tell why women are angry!"


Why does wife always get angry

Zhihu is an interesting post, which shares 101 reasons why other wives are angry.

for example, the classmate of my wife's uncle's son's wife's child gave birth to a litter of dogs, and she told me the news because I didn't show cheerfulness, so she was angry.

for example: when my wife was pregnant, she had a dream and woke up crying. She woke up and saw me sleeping soundly beside her, so she didn't play together, crying and fighting.

look, the reason why my wife is angry is so strange that sometimes she doesn't even need a reason.

Why do wives get angry easily?

the main reason is that women are inherently emotional and tend to be moody.

if out of concern, she tells you to smoke less and take care of yourself; don't drink too much in the evening and go home early; don't always stay up late and have a good rest.

at this time, you love to answer to your wife, and even complain about her, then she is not angry.

moreover, women talk a lot and like to talk to people.

according to the study, men say an average of 7,000 words a day, while women say 20,000 words a day.

Men go to work every day and have basically finished saying these 7,000 words.

while women take care of their children at home, they don't have much chance to talk to others, so they can only finish these 20,000 words a few hours after their husband comes home.

if you are still interrupted impatiently by a man at this time, or even be cold and violent to her, do you think your wife is angry?

the key point is that many men have the benefit of hindsight and can't see that their wives are angry at all, so the more they think about it, the angrier they become.


Why does the husband not understand why his wife is angry

in fact, when his wife is angry, his psychological activity is probably like this:

"what is your attitude?"

"how dare you yell at me?"

"you don't even bother to coax me?"

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"apologize? Do you think it's okay to say you're sorry? "

and husbands are basically classic three consecutive questions:

"is the wife angry?"

"Why is my wife angry again?"

"Why is my wife still angry?"

in short, the two are not on the same channel at all.

this difference is actually caused by the different ways of thinking between men and women. Men talk about logic, while women talk about emotions.

in a quarrel, men just want to figure out what happened, while women think that it doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong, but if you don't have the right attitude, it's serious.

so this is why after the quarrel between the two people, the wife is still angry, more and more angry, angry enough to cry, while the husband is like nothing, so he falls asleep.

when I woke up the next day, my wife was angry again at the thought of her husband who was fast asleep last night. The husband in a good mood saw the wife who was still angry and had a question mark on his face.


how a smart man should coax his wife

never reason with his wife

some men say that I am stupid, but I just can't cajole others. Actually, those are all excuses.

and remember: never reason with your wife, because she is reason.

I often see such a scene:

Women go shopping to try on clothes and ask men whether they look good. It is not enough for a man to blurt out "not good-looking". He has to say what is not good-looking. "you have too much fat in your belly. You look fat in it."

A woman and a man stay at home playing cards, and the woman makes a mistake, and the man has to hold on to her and say the rules are wrong.

A woman complains to a man about the troubles encountered during the day, and the man says: first reflect on your own problems, then talk about others.

is it annoying? Is it irritating?

when you should be honest, you should be dishonest, but when you should be serious, you should not take it seriously, but use this energy to get along with your wife.

if women are such rational creatures, there is no difference between men and women.

in fact, women are not unreasonable in relationship and marriage, but when they are angry, they have to deal with their feelings first.

the most effective way for China to apologize-- eating

when many women are in a bad mood, they like to eat openly, and eating can make people happy, which has been verified by countless women.

Don't whisper in your wife's ear when she is angry.

just get up and go into the kitchen, wash, cut, stir-fry, ping-pong like a tiger, and finally make a sumptuous dinner.

then, while serving the meal, he said proudly, "Let's eat."

believe me, even if my wife is not moved to come and give you a hug, her anger is half over after this meal.

Women are the best, and men are the cutest

in fact, men have great talent and unlimited potential in coquettish behavior.

for example, use reduplicated words when your wife is angry.

"wife, don't be angry."

"hammer your chest with a small fist."

for example, flexible changes in address and tone.

"Don't be number one with your family."

"you just bully the baby because the baby is so cute."

then shyly throw a few aggrieved memes. The women exclaimed, "Oh, my God, can you still talk?"

A survey shows that if husbands act coquetry more frequently than their wives at home, their marriage will be more interesting.

the best antistaling agent in marriage is for men to put down their posture properly and spoil them once in a while.

the meaning of this sentence is not to let husbands fight their wives, but to talk less, be less picky and do more when their wives are angry.

to coax your wife, most of the time, it is not as simple as moving your mouth, but you have to take practical actions.

although there will be quarrels in marriage, my heart softens instantly when I turn around and see the man who is busy by the sink, by the washing machine and wheezing with a mop.

although these are just small things, they just make people feel warm.


in fact, it is normal for husband and wife to quarrel and get angry.

the important thing is to learn to be considerate of others, to exchange tolerance for sincerity, and to win each other with understanding.

in marriage, we should learn to accept each other's differences and maintain their own bright spots in seeking common ground, so that we can grow old together in a long life.