With a big heart, Baifu came by himself (well written)

With a big heart, Baifu came by himself (well written)

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"the bigger the heart is, the more good things will be" is what Nebula Master realized after several decades in Buddhism;

"the sea accepts all rivers, there is tolerance is great" is the motto of Sichuan University, a century-old famous university;

"the will is as strong as the sea" is an inscription written by Chairman Mao himself.

through the ages, tolerance has always been a great wisdom.


the Buddha said, "belly is like a vault, and great bliss cannot be measured." The sky is all-embracing, the sky is generous, and the land is boundless. "

the chief Taoist has a complaining disciple.

one day, the Taoist put salt into a cup of water for his disciples to drink.

the disciple frowned slightly and said, "it's so salty that it's bitter."

the Taoist master sprinkled more salt into the lake and let the disciples taste the lake again.

after drinking, the disciple exclaimed: "Pure and sweet."

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its saltiness depends on the size of the container in which it is held, and the pain we feel also depends on the size of our hearts.

people who always complain about the bad world, you know, it's not that the world is too bad, maybe it's because they are too narrow-minded.

leads to life becoming more and more tired and life getting lighter and lighter. Only leniency can tolerate people, but thickness can carry things.

only those who have a big heart can have a large pattern. Only if there is a large pattern, can it become a general climate.


broad-minded, it is the wind of emperors

according to the Historical manuscripts of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong lived 89 years and reigned 60 years, which is the longest life span of all emperors.

in addition to attaching importance to health preservation, it may have something to do with his heart.

Emperor Qianlong in his later years had trouble with his legs and fell carelessly on a rainy day. No one dared to come forward, but only an eight-grade sesame official rushed out and helped Qianlong up.

you know that this grade is not even qualified to go to the imperial court, so many officials were stunned and reprimanded him for being so small that they dared to come out and disturb the emperor.

as a result, Qianlong smiled and said that this man should be rewarded, so this man was promoted to two and a half levels and went all the way to the military Ministry Shang Shu. The official's name was Li Shijie.

A similar thing happened to Zhu Yuanzhang as early as the Ming Dynasty.

in his old age, Zhu Yuanzhang accidentally fell in the imperial court when he was having a victory banquet with his ministers, and one of them hurried forward to help him. Zhu Yuanzhang immediately felt humiliated and lost face and angrily beheaded him.

the same thing, different results, high judgment, which must be directly related to the mind of an emperor.

you must be able to put up with what others cannot stand before you can do what you cannot do; those who have great talent must have great capacity, and this is the mind of emperors.


magnanimity is the way of people

Lin Xiang is superior to others, honest and disobedient, repeated provocations, such as still put the interests of the country first, put the state first, put tolerance everywhere, and finally make Lian Po take the blame.

the noblest revenge is tolerance.

the story of "the general can run a horse, but the prime minister can support a boat" has been praised frequently by the world.

throughout the day, a person with good interpersonal relationships must not be a narrow-minded "villain".

narrow-minded, they are often excluded and unwilling to associate with them. people avoid friends who are not close to each other, but they do not know it.

tolerant, it will exude its own charm, become the focus of the crowd, gain more friends, and win admiration and respect.

if the heart is concerned, there are complaints everywhere; if the heart is relaxed, it is always spring.

in this penny-pinching social environment, in this interpersonal relationship that Jair is bound to report, the greater the heart, the more good things, magnanimous, endless fun.

as Mr. Nan Huaijin said, "do not be narrow-minded, big-hearted and blessed."