Woman, it's better to be fat, you don't believe me!

Woman, it's better to be fat, you don't believe me!

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in this era of slim beauty, losing weight has become a hot topic for almost all women.

from aunts in their fifties and sixties to teenage sisters, fat and thin, they are all saying things like "I want to go on a diet" and "it's time for me to lose weight."

as everyone knows, from the perspective of physiognomy, blessed people need to have a certain degree of abundance. In other words, proper fullness is a blessing. It's better for a woman to be plump!


the fullness of women is the basis of the fullness of heaven

the ancients often used the term "heaven is full and the pavilion is round" to describe blessed people. And slim, bony, thin figure, it is difficult to match a "heaven is full, the pavilion is round" face.

on the contrary, it is the plump, well-built figure that is more in harmony with the plump chin and plump forehead.


plump people's earlobes are thicker

people with thick earlobes have good financial, emotional and family luck, which are the necessary conditions for typical good fortune. Plump people, although not everyone has thick earlobes, but the probability of thick earlobes is much higher than that of thin people.


plump round faces are naturally popular

plump faces are generally succulent and have plump fleshy quality, especially those with round faces in the square, it has an added effect on their interpersonal relationships and financial fortune. Most of them are cheerful and enthusiastic, so they are easy to win the favor of others and are willing to get along with them.


people with plump jaws have good luck at night, and people who take care of their families

have a plump chin or slightly double jaws, are easy to get along with and are kind and agreeable.

Men are generous, women are gentle and kind, and they all care for their families. They are standard good husbands and wives, or loving fathers and mothers. They can educate good children and lay a solid foundation for a happy life in their old age.


people with broad shoulders are trustworthy

men have broad shoulders that can be trusted by women and can prop up a blue sky for their families; women's shoulders may not be so beautiful, but they are mostly broad-minded and tolerant, so they will not haggle over trifles and are more likely to achieve a career.


there is meat on the belly, which is conducive to wealth accumulation

the belly is the easiest place to accumulate fat, especially for men and women in the office nowadays, it is very easy to have a small belly, and thin belly is the most important thing for people to lose weight.

however, according to physiognomy theory, a slightly fleshy belly is the phase of gathering wealth, which is good for financial management and gathering wealth.


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buttocks have meat, good fortune, stable people

physiognomy, rich buttocks represent people's good fortune, will make money and save money, and this ability is more long-lasting; what is more valuable is that people with meat on the buttocks are generally more stable, patient and persevering.


legs are not thin, and there is no need to work.

A girl's slender legs are pleasing to the eye, but people with long legs and thin feet are easy to work and work hard. If the legs of men are too thin, they feel like hemp poles and it is difficult to stabilize them.

so, for both men and women, the legs should not be too thin, so as not to toil for life. So, if you are a fleshy woman, don't always think about losing weight, the fleshy woman is the cutest, and the fleshy woman is the most exuberant!

Women are beautiful when they lose weight, but they are even more beautiful if they are fatter.