Your attitude towards time determines what kind of life you live.

Your attitude towards time determines what kind of life you live.

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Japanese writer Haruki Murakami said, because I believe that "what is won by time, time will certainly prove it." And there are some things in the world that only time can prove.

time is invisible and untouchable, but it is real.

when we were young, we longed to grow up and thought we could do whatever we wanted when we grew up, but we didn't know that time was gone forever and we would never go back to a carefree childhood.

when you really grow up, in the face of numerous and complicated situations, you will be exhausted and powerless, but you will waste time unwittingly, and it is too late to regret.

later, we gradually understand that time has been moving forward at its pace, and each of us has a different attitude towards time, but our lives are doomed to different endings.

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seize the time, it will give more surprises

Lebanese poet Gibran said:

the sun rises in the east every day, never absent.

but every day is a new day. We can neither go back to yesterday nor surpass today. We can only accept the schedule step by step and live every minute and every second of today.

and being able to grasp every moment of the moment will make us live to the fullest and reap more possibilities of success.

writer Lin Qingxuan once wrote an article entitled "Race against time" in which he said that his grandmother had passed away and that he could not relieve his inner sadness, so he ran round and round on the school playground.

his father told him:

his father's words frightened him a little, but it was more of a determination to "I want to go home faster than the sun." so he finished his summer vacation homework in ten days and took his brother's fifth grade homework to do in the third grade.

this practice of cherishing time has benefited Lin Ching-hsien all his life. during his 66-year journey in his life, he has published more than 100 works, making him the most prolific writer in Taiwan.

Lin Qingxuan always keeps the habit of writing every day. Starting from the third grade of primary school, he stipulates that he writes 500 words a day, no matter whether it is windy or rainy or in a good or bad mood.

after high school, he began to write 1000 words a day; after college, he wrote 2000 words a day; after graduating from college, he wrote 3000 words a day until the last moment of his life.

it is because of the continuous efforts that there are bestsellers such as Bodhi Ten Bodhi and mahogany, and are known as "one of the eight masters of contemporary prose".

time is an endless existence, seemingly eternal, but not repeated day after day, but every minute of the past will never come back.

as the romantic poet Li Bai recited: heaven and earth, the reverse journey of all things. Those who pass by are also passers-by for a hundred generations.

if we want to leave more traces for ourselves in a short life, only by seizing the time and pursuing our dreams can we win more gifts of life.


waste time and leave more regrets

the British novelist Maugham said:

because you can't see it or touch it, it's easier to lose time. When we are in a daze and bored, time passes like running water.

Don't wait for your time to be wasted to regret it, it won't help by then.

there is a topic on Zhihu asking: what can be done not to waste the golden decade of 20 to 30 years old.

the age from 20 to 30 is indeed a golden decade of life, a decade of transformation from student identity to social identity, laying the foundation for future life, so it is particularly important.

A respondent in his 30s said that after he was admitted to an important university, he thought he had reached the peak of his life and started a crazy life of playing games upside down day and night.

four years of college time was all spent on playing video games. I only spent two weeks reviewing before each exam, and every time I got away with passing the exam. Although I got a diploma, I didn't get a degree.

when he entered the job market, he found that he could not find the job he wanted at all. Either he was disliked by others for his poor grades or his low pay. This wasted time was three years.

finally, under the tough pressure of his parents, he reluctantly found a small company with a monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan to start work, and he was so disgraced that even his former classmates were embarrassed to get in touch with each other.

he said that if he could start all over again, he would not have wasted so many years of time. It's just that time has really passed, and there is no turning back.

when we were young, we all memorized this passage in the masterpiece how Steel was made:

therefore, one's life should be spent like this: when one looks back on the past, one does not regret wasting his time, nor is he ashamed of mediocrity.

whether we study hard, work hard, or eat, drink, play, and indulge in indulgence. The different ways we deal with time determine our different circumstances in the future.

Don't wait for remorse and shame to realize how ridiculous you were, but to know that to cherish time is to cherish life.


time is there all the time, but we are in a hurry all our lives

prose writer Bai Luomei said:

time is a measure in the vast universe, coming from antiquity to the future, while each of us is just a passer-by in a long time.

in our short lives, do we try our best to gain more fame and wealth? Or lazily doing whatever you want?

although everyone has his own pursuit and there is nothing wrong with every way of living, it should be the wish of most people to be able to make his life more colorful.

I remember when I was a child, I was eager to be a policeman when I grew up, so every day on my way to school, I would walk across the grass by the side of the road, trying to exercise myself to jump higher and more steadily.

also because I am embarrassed and afraid of being laughed at by my friends, I always go to school and leave school alone. I just want to make full use of my time and look forward to developing a qualified physique as soon as possible.

then gradually grew up, with the increase of academic burden, the police dream gradually sealed in the bottom of my heart, until one dream, I dreamt that I had put on a valiant police uniform.

the moment I woke up, I suddenly burst into tears, because I suddenly realized that I would never have a chance to be a policeman in my life, and the efforts of those old days had long gone with the wind.

there are always regrets in life, because those people and things submerged in time have become a thing of the past.

but we should know how to cherish the present time, even if it is better to start all over again than to hesitate all the time.

Sanmao once said, give yourself time, don't be anxious, step by step, day by day, please believe that the resilience of life is amazing, cooperate with your upward heart, and don't give up your love for yourself.

the past is irrevocable, but the future is still possible.

May we all be able to grasp the present moment and work hard to pursue it, and time will surely give us a rich return.


I have read such a sentence, no matter how difficult it is today, we must firmly believe that only the past that cannot go back, there is no tomorrow that cannot be reached.

Today is bound to be yesterday, and tomorrow is bound to be today. This is the fairness that time gives to all of us.

and whether this fairness can be fully grasped by each of us in the end depends on how we treat time, and this also reflects everyone's wisdom and ability.

time goes by and never comes back. Today's you, have you wasted yesterday? Are you looking forward to tomorrow?