Your face is your feng shui.

Your face is your feng shui.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people often say that if you want to know whether a melon is good or bad, it depends on its shape and color.

if you want to know the strength of a horse, it depends on its appearance and breath.

the same is true of people. I have heard a passage:

although the face is small, the meaning is great. Your face can often determine your feng shui.


people who love to laugh will not have too bad luck

have been to a breakfast restaurant, and everyone calls their boss "Uncle Li". The business of this shop has always been good. Every time I pass by, I can see a long line in the store.

while the breakfast shop next to it is deserted, ask other guests carefully to know why.

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it turns out that in addition to the good quality of Li Shu's breakfast, the service attitude is more popular.

when customers come to buy breakfast, he always greets them with a smile, greets them kindly, and silently writes down the preferences of regular customers and becomes one with them.

selling breakfast requires getting up early and getting dark. At the end of the day, people's spirits are often exhausted, and it is rare to keep a smiling face.

compared with the breakfast shop next to him, the clerk always keeps a straight face, as if someone owes him money, and no one wants to go in.

make a high decision and win on the smile.

and the face looks kind and warm, with a constant smile on his face, which not only makes himself happy, but also warms others.

after a warm "business card" is handed out, others will feel that they are sincere and approachable.

whether it is doing business or doing things, it is more popular with people, and the road of life is naturally getting wider and wider.

A master who knows how to live is always confident and cheerful, with a warm smile on his face.

Life is only thirty thousand days, who doesn't cherish joys and sorrows.

in life, who doesn't have troubles and worries, and who hasn't experienced setbacks and ups and downs?

even if you can't control the misfortune and misfortune of fate, at least the smile on your face can be decided by yourself.

my heart is full of sunshine, but I am not afraid of the darkness ahead.

seize every opportunity to smile and rejoice in bitterness.

be a cheerful person, a warm person, an upward person, and a person full of positive energy.


Reading affects the temperament of the face and personal speech to a great extent.

writer Sanmao also said:

the belly is full of poetry and books, and the smell of books can be far away. People who read books have a scholarly temperament on their faces, their hearts are full and their spirits are rich.

the abundance of knowledge makes them feel a richer world, and the vastness of the pattern gives them a deeper understanding of the grandeur of life.

Reading can make a person have the bearing of accepting all rivers, elegant and beautiful style. The beauty of life, the goodness of being a man, as well as poetry and distance are all what they yearn for.


kindhearted and beautiful

Buddhists say that each other comes from the heart. A person's good and evil will be shown on his face from the inside to the outside.

I have heard a saying: "A dark heart cannot support a brilliant face."

people who are upright, kind-hearted and caring often emit a kind of light from the inside out, have affinity, and communicate with them like a spring breeze.

selfish, cunning, calculating people are often unattractive in appearance, even if they have good looks, they will find that they are only superficial and offensive if they have a little more contact.

the evil heart is ugly, and the good heart is beautiful.

there is a saying that is quite true:

if you want beautiful lips, you must speak kind words;

if you want lovely eyes, you must see the benefits of others;

if you want elegant posture, remember that you are not the only pedestrian when walking.

appearance is innate, but spiritual appearance is acquired.

only has its appearance, but it is difficult to become temperament. Only by repairing both inside and outside will it be more beautiful.

years of makeup, good book temperament. If you show yourself in your heart, there is no fear of passing time.

No matter how beautiful the skin is, it cannot be honed in time.

only the smile on the face, the scholarly temperament and the spiritual appearance nurtured by the kind heart will become more vigorous and abundant after the years.