Your mouth determines your fate.

Your mouth determines your fate.

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Confucius once said:

clever words are seldom benevolent.

take it seriously, and words are the voice of the heart.

although words do not fully reflect a person's whole character, at least we can see his character from his oral morality.

A person's mouth is actually his fengshui, which directly determines his fate.


blame others, futile

especially agree with a saying on the Internet:

the more you advertise your pain to people everywhere, the more you complain about it, the more painful your life will be.

complaining seems to vent, but it does more harm than good to our lives.

what has happened has already happened, and it is useless to complain. Those ups and downs in life, no one can avoid.

the more you complain, the more incompetent and incompetent you are.

when you encounter difficulties, instead of complaining, it is better to calm down and find a solution.

has fallen to a low ebb. Instead of complaining about fate and others, it is better to reflect on yourself, face it bravely and try to get up.

the more you complain, the worse your life will be, and even decadent. The more I feel that life is meaningless.

as Kazuo Inamori said:

Yes, instead of living in the mood of complaining, it is wisest to admit your mistakes, constantly reflect, make progress, and learn from each other.

Life will inevitably encounter setbacks and tribulations, sometimes, learn to face it calmly, do not escape, do not complain, positive and optimistic, so that you can become better!

complaining is a kind of negative energy.

complain that life never loves life. Try your best to live a wonderful life.


silence is golden.

there is a good saying in the Book of Rites:

there is a good saying:

there is no mistake, no mistakes, no mistakes, too many words, no mistakes, and evil comes out of the mouth.

in many cases, instead of talking too much, it is wisest to keep silent and keep silent at the right time.

Silence is golden. Silence can help you reduce grudges and contradictions, and make people more sober and self-aware.

in life, if you talk to people at the same level, you don't have to explain too much. If you argue with people who are unreasonable, it will only add to your troubles.

in fact, those really mature people never act in order to be happy for a moment, but keep silent without argument.

learn to see through without revealing, see through without saying, learn to forget, just learn.

some people, it is good to know some things in their hearts, there is no need to say it, there is no need to take it too seriously, instead of worrying so much and tired themselves, it is better to be bearish and let go of themselves.

Life is already very tiring, don't make your heart more tired, don't argue too much with villains, don't discuss length with fools, and keep an open-minded state of mind.

blaming others is needless to say. If you leave three points on your lips, your life will be more comfortable.

in this real society, the hearts of the people are unpredictable. Instead of talking too much, it is better to keep silent.

keep silent at the right time, learn to be open-minded, treat people sincerely, do things attentively, don't be aggressive, talk well, is the right way to get along with people!


evil words hurt people, while good words are like cotton

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Xunzi said:

good words are warmer than cloth; hurtful words are deeper than spears.

take it for granted. A good word warms the winter in three winters, while the evil word hurts the cold in June.

A person who often utters evil words is bound to harm his own blessings.

some people hurt people face to face and are accustomed to publicizing other people's sore points everywhere, poking scars out of their mouths and uttering cruel words.

talk about other people's right and wrong, gossip, embarrass people, make people not come down from the stage, stand on the moral high ground, pretend to be considerate of others, but say the most hurtful words.

in reality, too many such people regard their low EQ as outspoken, but it is actually the most ignorant and hurtful behavior.

they tend to be self-centered and do not think of others, let alone the feelings of others.

just to be happy for a while, regardless of hurting each other, knowing that words are like swords, but still do not know how to maintain the goodness of words, this kind of people will only be boring.

those who are really reasonable are willing to deal with people who know how to be a man, how to respect others, and how to get along with them like a spring breeze.

speaking is not only the expression of a person's heart, but also the embodiment of a person's self-cultivation. When a person is always aggressive and abusive, he must be a person of poor cultivation. Such a person must stay away.

your mouth will not only determine your fengshui, but also directly determine your fate. In dealing with the world, you should keep your words kind, keep your heart, and watch your mouth. Only in this way can you live your life with peace of mind!