Your pattern determines the outcome.

Your pattern determines the outcome.

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through the ages, there must be a great pattern for those who achieve great things.

what is the big pattern?

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pattern is about the internal layout of a person's vision, mind, behavior, insight and other psychological elements.

the sky is big enough to hold the vast sea of stars; the earth is big enough to support all living things; the sea is big enough to hold all rivers running; if a man has an atmosphere, the sea is in his heart.

how big a person's pattern is, it depends on these three points.



magnanimous people are broad-minded, can always be considerate of others, have formed a big pattern, and have accumulated great blessings.

Lu Meng, prime minister of the Song Dynasty, was famous for his ability to tolerate people.

when he first became prime minister, an official pointed at him behind the curtain and said to others, "this man also deserves to be prime minister, ridiculous!"

Lu Meng pretended not to hear, walked through the curtain and strode past them.

some of his colleagues complained about him, and he was about to find out who had just said this, but he was stopped by Lu Meng:

"if you know his name, you have to bear it in mind for the rest of your life, why bother? Besides, what he said has nothing to lose to me. "

afterwards, people praised Lv Meng's magnanimity one after another.

as the ancients said, "if you can tolerate a villain, you can become a gentleman."

many times, when you are lenient to others, you are actually opening a way for yourself. Never mind, let Lv Meng keep his body fresh and decent when the other party splashes dirty water.

broad-minded, open-minded and magnanimous to others, I would rather let people divide three points than hurt their friendliness and haggle over each other, thus forming a big pattern, saving blessings and rewards for themselves, and the road of life is getting wider and wider.


from a distance

Mr. Ma Weidu once said such a thing on the program:  the babysitter of their family has a bad habit and always likes to steal things from their homes.

she usually doesn't take big things, but likes to sneak along a head of garlic, two slices of ginger, some peanuts and so on.

usually when you catch a babysitter stealing, you will be fired, but Ma Weidu didn't, but chose to tell her well.

but the babysitter still refuses to change.

in life, some people seem to be shrewd, but in fact they only focus on the square inch. In their view, the immediate interests are the most important, but they do not realize that being too short-sighted will only destroy their credibility and ruin their future.

such a person is not poor, but the heart is poor, poor is the thought, vision, is the pattern.

if you are short-sighted and have no big pattern, you can only live in your own narrow and boring life, but you don't know why you can't achieve anything.

how does a frog who sits in a well to watch the sky know how big the world is?

whether it is to be a person or to do things, the level of vision determines the height of life. If you want to go far, you must first see far.

when you take a long view and broaden your horizons, you can see not only a tree but also a forest, there will be more opportunities in life, and your world and state of mind will become wider and wider.


dare to give up

Jia Pingwa once said: "people who know how to live, or those who have achieved success, actually know the two words, that is, 'willing'. Do not want to give up, the small house is small, the big one is big. "

those who know how to give up will not rigidly cling to the city and pool in front of them, have more possibilities in their eyes, be clear about their goals and destinations, and open up territory for themselves with the courage to give up their courage.

"giving up" is not all lost, but one day, it will be "gained" in another way.

Chu Shijian, the most legendary entrepreneur in China:

71, was sentenced to life imprisonment; at 74, he sought medical treatment outside prison and began to grow Chu Orange; at 84, Chu Orange was sold all over the country.

after three years of selling, Chu Orange encountered a large area of negative reviews: "the fruit is small" and "the fruit tastes light"....

Chu Shijian immediately apologized: "I really didn't do a good job this year."

then, 89-year-old Chu Shijian made an amazing decision: "the distance between fruit trees must reach 3 meters, and all those less than 3 meters must be cut down."

with this cut, 37000 trees were cut down, and the income was cut off 20 to 30 million. In the past, there was only one kilogram of eight Chu oranges. After cutting down trees, five Chu oranges had one kilogram.

Chu orange is selling well again.

Chu Shijian was asked: why are you willing to cut down trees?

Chu Shijian replied, "it is my philosophy not to let others suffer."

people with a large pattern do not worry about temporary successes or frustrations, nor do they care about the gains and losses of one city and one pool. They seem to give up a lot, but actually allow themselves and more people to profit and create a bigger stage.

as a saying in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:

"when you clench your fist and there is nothing in your hand, you loosen your fingers, but you can have the whole world."

sometimes, the more reluctant you are to lose, the less you get what you want.

only if you have to give up, if you hold your hands too tightly, how can you open your hands to accept the wider world?

Life is like the sea, the pattern might as well be enlarged, properly abandoned, free and easy to put down, will be willing to find more surprises, harvest more wonderful.


Yu Qiuyu said:

"as long as people have a large pattern of life, they will not sink into the trivialities of life. People who are really confident can always be simple and sonorous and forceful."

Life is like a chess game, and the outcome is all determined by the pattern of the chess player.

when you practice the mind of going out to sea, broaden your knowledge, and fill your spiritual world,

you will be able to really see the life you want, accept the best or worst arrangement in life, and move forward calmly. Don't be afraid of wind and rain.