You've been working hard this year.

You've been working hard this year.

You have to listen to the song tonight.

the reason is simple: once the number "2020" is clearly printed on the mobile screensaver, it means that all my "unfinished business" in 2019 must come to an end.

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obviously there are only ten kilometers left, and it only takes a little more time to finish the race, but the sentence "time waits for no man" gives you a "loser" medal.

I remember a few days ago, I saw readers backstage asking, "Why are you unhappy in adulthood?"


the above sentence was told by a friend.

I asked him, "Why don't we sit inside, it's cold in here".

"change places?" I'll ask again.

when everything was done, he repeated the sentence to me again: "it must be right to blame it all on yourself."

"not really." Standard adult prologue.

but in his rebuttal, there are only four words: "I am still young."

in this way, one is "young" and the other is "too young". Both want to confirm who is right and who is wrong through their transcript at the end of the year.

in his words, it is: "I know it's a little low, but the level is not achieved overnight."

every time I go home on weekends, I basically have to quarrel about this. In fact, both sides know that there is nothing to quarrel with, but it seems that the end of the new year is coming. If we can't get a result, the next year will have to pass.

so his result is "it's all my fault, all right".

We had nothing to say for a while, but after a while, he said to Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef, who was so cold that he didn't want to eat any more, "it's so cold here, why don't we sit inside?"


this society always measures a person's efforts within a year in terms of "win or lose" and "gain and loss", but few people are willing to ask those tired people from a caring point of view: "are you tired?"

"It's a tough year (it's been a tough year)."

my girlfriend asked me why.

but in fact, for many people, preparing for the past 2019 is likely to be a difficult year.

then because of 'hardship', no one is lazy or slack off, and it is through unremitting efforts that everyone reaches the end of 2019. "

"so," I said, "if I have the chance, I must say to the passers-by, 'Hey, you've been working hard this year, don't be so unhappy.'"

I thought so at that time, too.

Zhang Jingthorn Post Note:

you have worked very hard this year, so don't be so unhappy.

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